always have your
loved ones with you

Gianluca, together with Jacopo Vitali, is the creator and developer of the RipCemetery project. Working in collaboration with his team, he developed its first version and continues to manage relationships with other experts contributing to the growth of the team and project.

Gianluca is a computer wizard and in 2012, in his second participation at the International Olympiad in Informatics, was awarded the bronze medal. He has been working for several years as art director in the entertainment industry looking after the organization of major events on a national and international scale. He graduated from the Politecnico Milano (Italy) in Computer Engineering.

Gianluca Tomasi, CEO and Co-Founder

Like Gianluca, he is also co-founder, creative director and active endorser of the RipCemetery project which was conceived to fulfill the need to feel closer to departed family and friends. He has followed the app creation from the start and is responsible for the graphics, textures and design of RipCemetery.

Jacopo is an experienced graphic designer and Italian entrepreneur, who studied at Cambridge (UK).

Jacopo Vitali, CEO and Co-Founder