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Access is free to RipCemetery from your preferred platform. Now is available from Apple iOS. The application will be available on all platforms by the end of June, from the Android, Windows Mobile, to any computer through a browser.

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RipCemetery, we keep your best memories alive

RipCemetery was created out of the wish to be close to your departed loved ones at any moment you choose. This free web and mobile application is an online social community that brings people together to celebrate the life and memory of a loved one or even a pet. The world’s first Virtual Cemetery, the allows users to come together in a private and intimate online space to share their feelings, leave a gift or dedication and share photos.


Just like a traditional cemetery, the application allows you to leave a flower or a small token on the virtual tombstone of your loved ones, perhaps accompanied by a dedication.


A small heart to show your closeness. Thanks to the Ilove function you can find a list of people who were close to the deceased and want to cherish their memories.


The Post-Rip are small virtual notes for users so they can leave a dedication or a personalized message recalling a shared moment, on the tombstone of their beloved.


Often in these cases words are not enough. That's why RipCemetery allows you to upload a photo or video on the virtual tombstone which can express more than words.

Like a traditional cemetery, but with something more

The huge world of RipCemetery is configured for users like an interactive cemetery, accessible at any time of day in every part of the world. Given the multiple features of the app, you can even personalize the areas dedicated to your loved ones, share memories, as well as see who else has visited your loved ones' virtual memorial.


    The main screen of the app will open to your family memorial, where you can...


    By clicking on the icon of your loved one you can go directly to their...


    The application has a wide selection of graphics for personalizing the background of your gravestones...


    Every message deserves the right paper. And that is exactly what RipCemetery's graphic artists created...


    A red rose, a sunflower, a daisy or even a memorial wreath? What we leave...


    The option Follow allows you to be informed about other users’ visits to your loved...

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